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Kaitlyn Hunt (18yo) Faces Statutory Rape Charges in Florida

florida statutory rape criminal law kaitlyn hunt homosexuality lesbian

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Posted 25 May 2013 - 19:33

The only recourse to this is to get the law repealed. Stupid law or not- it is the law, passed muster of the constitutionality and has been on the books for a VERY long time.

a 26 year old had sex with my daughter, ( who lived with her mom) and got her pregnant. He was charged and found guilty of statutory rape, he was convicted.

So this hits alot closer to home then it does for most of you. As a parent, until a child hits 18, the parents can be convicted(responsible) for crimes in some cases that their kids commit and pay for damages.

Added: being a parent is a tough enough job in this day and age. All I can say is, try being a parent for awhile and your perspectives might change

The big question is, is your daughter better off now that the father of her child is a convicted felon and in jail? or would your daughter have been better off letting the guy take care of the child with no charges filed?