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Hello all,

Looking for a bit of help here, I've been wiping Windows 8 from my girlfriends HP Pavillion B115ea to replace with Windows 7. I've managed to get Windows 8 off, sorted out the Secure Boot / UEFI rubbish, but I cannot seem to find compatible drivers for Windows 7. HP are no use on the matter, this is obviously part of a move to increase Windows 8 adoption rates and in their eyes not worth the hassle to support an older OS - which is understandable, yet annoying.

The main issue I have is getting it online; neither the wireless or the ethernet port work. I've encountered this before on another laptop, but Windows 7 drivers were readily available in that case.

I can't seem to find any drivers for the individual devices either.

I'm a bit stumped at the minute, anyone got any suggestions?

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Never mind - fixed it. Found Windows 7 versions of the specific Windows 8 drivers and I've got the ethernet working, just downloading the billions of W7 updates before grabbing the wireless drivers and so on.

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I've had a couple of messages about how I found the drivers, so I guess I'll begrudgingly post my solution to demonstrate my own ineptitude!

-Find your model on the below link.


-Bring up the list of Windows 8 Drivers.

-Using your search engine of choice type in the name of the driver, e.g. "Realtek Local Area Network (LAN) Driver"

-Before hitting search just add "Windows 7" on the end!

-So it looks like this "Realtek Local Area Network (LAN) Driver Windows 7"

-Download and install!

You will never in a month of Sundays find the Windows 7 drivers for your sleekbook searching your model. Trust me, I spent a good few hours spamming Google with different phrases and structures of sentences to try and find these drivers. Soon as the old metaphorical lightbulb beamed above my head, it took me a matter of minutes to locate and download each driver. So unbelievably obvious and simple, but it took me far too long to come to that conclusion!

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