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Sony says PS4 ‘demand may well outstrip supply’

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Posted 17 June 2013 - 00:54

I doubt if anyone doubts that the PS4 will sell out and be hard to find for a while after launch. It's almost always like that.

#32 vcfan


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Posted 17 June 2013 - 03:25

First, you should understand that just because a company is losing money, does not mean they will not invest in whatever manufacturing necessary to ensure their next major product will be successful. They must have spent hundreds of millions developing the ps4, and spending a few hundred more to build a proper production line hardly that expensive whether they lose $1 billion or $10 billion.



Second, Sony is divided into two major divisions: electronics and entertainment. As you mentioned, the electronics division is the one that is having some cost control issues in some of their declining products. But ps4 falls under the entertainment division, which is highly profitable, and the playstation division itself has always been profitable in the long run.


So there is no correlation between how much profit/loss the company has and how much resources Sony will put towards ensuring the most maximum supply they get by the holidays. You can't expect them to build five productions lines just for the initial release, but they definitely will be pushing them out at best cost efficiency possible. It just simply stands that the demand from a worldwide launch will make ps4 a rare commodity during the first few months.[/quote]


right... what school of business did you learn that from? if you're losing massive amounts of money,just keep doing what you're doing because fairies will sprinkle some of that fairy dust and everything will be ok.


and don't try to school me without even knowing what youre talking about. sony is not divided into two divisions. they have more than that. And the entertainment division that is profitable has nothing to do with playstation. that is the movie business. playstation is in the sony computer entertainment division,which is bleeding money. in fiscal 2011, this division lost 1.2 billion,and its now worse. notice how I said electronics arm, not electronics division. what I meant by that is, the arm of the company that sells consumer electronics,which includes tvs,other media and playstation.


and you don't think theres correlation? so when nokia had supply problems with their flagship phone,and stock was anemic for a long long time, it couldn't have been because they were in deep ###### financially. oh no,not according to you. they should have been soldiering on.


but right at the end there,you're basically agreeing with what I said.

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Posted 17 June 2013 - 04:00

Well you have the majority of customers from the countries you can't buy the Xbone, some bandwagoners and your loyal Playstation fan base. Obviously, the demand will be over the supply.