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Posted 29 June 2015 - 14:25

All of it.


I, like many others that eagerly awaited Destiny, thought highly of Bungie/Halo. However, anyone who considers themselves a gamer should be aware of Activision's methods and habits.

That was enough to deter me from the start.


Now, in the fall, I'll be able to enjoy a co-op campaign with a friend who recently purchased a PS4, for the price that I expected with the included content that I expected... I see people complaining about being screwed for being an early adopter and I say welcome to the world of technology.


I'm one of those early adopters so giving my 2 cents....

I have no objection to "game of the year" style editions where DLC's are included. However I would kind of expect that to come, once the game and its planned DLC's have dropped. With another two still planned, I'd consider waiting for the eventual "complete package somewhere down the line.


As frustrating as it can be to be paying what I paid vs a new person I get it and I can deal with that. What I can't deal with is being charged £40 for a DLC when I paid £35 for a game 2 days after it was released. There is not as much content as the original base game, and there is not as much content as there was in the two £35 DLC's that I paid for.


I don't even care about the shaders etc that those buying the collectors edition, its crappy but again I can deal with that. 


No other Dev/Publisher that I can think of is charging £40 for one DLC package. A Season pass that gets you a few maps every release like Battlefield or Call of Duty sure, but not one map pack.