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Xbox One re-overtakes PS4 on Amazon bestseller charts

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Posted 26 June 2013 - 08:18

The Amazon list most people check is refreshed hourly.


 But this is the totals for 2013, PS3 has always remained on top since they starting accepting pre-orders.

This is actual orders where customers have put down the money for the actual hardware: 



And this is the current Amazon customers wish list charts for Video Games section;



Personally which consoles sells more doesn't really effect my decision, but I dont play much games online. If you played mainly online then a bigger customer base would be good for when you decided to play an older game maybe cause its more likely servers would be populated but other than that no real benefit in who sells more.


But to clarify the PS4 is outselling the XB One in pre-orders, it always has. When Microsoft dropped the DRM policies it did get a surge of extra sales but the PS4 still leads. I am fairly confident the PS4 will outsell the XB One in pre-sales and when they hit actual stores with PS4 having a lower price point.


What I find interesting about this is that Amazon charts above are for US Markets, while the PS3 did outsell the X360 globally; in the US the X360 outsold the PS3 by almost 18 Million units. Is the Xbox losings its US Dominance?


Also the Nintendo Wii outsold both the PS3 and X360, so a low price point is very important to the general/casual consumer and which console sells more isn't an indication of which is better or not for you personally.


I personally like the Xbox Ones motion-control; not using a controller to go through the menu and selecting tv channels, games or other applications.. voice control too. But I don't really have an interest in any of its exclusives but I'm sure the next Fable is around the corner and that's a game I really enjoyed playing.


I like the PS4's design, it looks better and is smaller. Also the hardware is stronger than that of the XB One. But the only exclusives I'm interested in at the moment is Infamous and the new Oddworld (Indie game from ps1 and ps2 days). I've seen the PS Eye previews but it doesn't show much, will it be as good as the kinect? only time will tell.


Most games that I want are multi-platform, eg Destiny, Watch Dogs, BF4, Fifa, Just Dance (Kinect or Eye) and ###### of the Orient (From makes of L.A Noire).


I know the paranoid group are anti-kinect but its one of the features that makes it a desirable console, if Sony has a decent equivalent to the kinect (Which I'm not sure and not confident that it does yet) I wouldn't even consider buying a Xbox One over the PS4.