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Posted 21 June 2013 - 17:56

"I certainly understand that people want a new F-Zero game," Miyamoto said. "I think where I struggle is that I don’t really have a good idea for what’s new that we could bring to F-Zero that would really turn it into a great game again. Certainly I can see how people looking at Mario Kart 8 could see, through the anti-gravity, a connection to F-Zero. But I don’t know, at this point, what direction we could go in with a new F-Zero." - Shigeru Miyamoto



Soooo... Yeah....


Kind of weak. but I guess we could go through Nintendo's whole catalogue and say "Oh we want this game! And this one! And this one!"

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Posted 21 June 2013 - 19:05

I selfishly wish Nintendo would get out of the console business and just market games so I can play them on my PS3 and someday PS4. Not counting the DS and other portables of course. Wipeout almost feels like a modern F-zero but that may just be because I have a foggy recocllection of F-zero.

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Posted 21 June 2013 - 19:17

What direction to go ?


Umm, fast sci-fi hovercars on a track. it doesn't need to be more complicated than that.


but then again, I wasn't a huge fan of the original F-Zero, even though I owned the game.