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Finally found my dream phone.... Nexus 4!

nexus 4 4.2.2 android ios

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Posted 24 June 2013 - 15:11

I agree. The Nexus 4 is a fantastic device that also was the one to really convert me to Android. The only difference between us is I was coming from Windows Phone (Lumia 900) and it was the first time I went to something other than Windows Mobile.

#17 StandingInAlley


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Posted 24 June 2013 - 17:02

I would love to pick one but the camera is crap even though it has 8mp which is a deal breaker for me.

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Posted 24 June 2013 - 17:40

Leave it to Touchwiz to ruin a good experience - I don't know why people like it but it's way too bloated for me. All the features are way too gimicky, and mostly useless. Pure Android is a great experience, glad you like your Nexus 4. I do miss having my Galaxy Nexus as my primary phone, as it just had a massive mod community, but the HTC One is a fantastic phone in its own regards. 


Also, it's not just the Android fanboys. Any and all fanboys are stupid :p These companies should be fighting for us (market share), and instead everyone on the internet has allegiances to company <x>



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Posted 24 June 2013 - 17:48

Awesome phone!! I'm very happy with mine, absolutely love it.

Very well built, design is awesome, features are great, and it's superfast.

Besides, being a Google phone, updates are instant. No waiting for the latest Android version like other phones.

#20 Nilus



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Posted 24 June 2013 - 17:55

I hope you are not planning to pair your Nexus 4 with in-car bluetooth. Contacts don't transfer over and car call controls don't work.


Bluetooth is borked for the Nexus 4 in 4.2.2 . So much so mine's going back for a refund, they've had a bug open for it since November and the amateurs still haven't fixed it.  Cyanogenmod fixes it but having to load a custom rom to fix something Google should have gotten right is not a good solution.

Also the screen on the nexus 4 is really washed out. Bizarrely it is Googles saturation settings at fault. Look at a Nexus 4 with paranoid android installed and the colours really pop.


The nexus 4 is Ok, not great, and it is let down by things Google could easily fix with software updates but don't. No more than a 5/10 from me.

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Posted 24 June 2013 - 17:57

I didn't have much choice but to go for a Samsung Galaxy S III as I needed a phone with a removable battery.


I would have considered the Nexus 4 if it wasn't for this, though.

#22 Growled


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Posted 24 June 2013 - 22:51

Glad you found the phone for you. Mine has been the Note 2. Just love me to pieces. :)

#23 Singh400


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Posted 24 June 2013 - 22:53

Welcome to the club, had mine since mid-December and I love it. Haven't even rooted it, it's perfect as is.

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Posted 24 June 2013 - 22:56

I handled a Nexus 4 for the first time last night (my brother has one) and I think the screen felt just bad compared to S3 or my Lumia 920. This is admittedly from a 2min look I had at it. I didn't really play with it to know for sure but that was my first impression (right at the lock screen)

#25 Sandor


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Posted 24 June 2013 - 23:03

Wife moved from her old iPhone 3GS to a Nexus 4 a few weeks back and she really likes it. Obviously the phone is a big upgrade from the old iPhone but she uses a lot of google products (mail, calendars etc) as part of her job so having a platform that works in a seemless and integrated way was a plus for her.


I've had an android phone (HTC though) for about a year and can't wait to ditch it. I'm not really invested into any platform so I'm probably going to switch to a WP8 device as it'll likely play good with my Win8 PC

#26 torrentthief


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Posted 24 June 2013 - 23:07

i too can't abandon the imessage and facetime since my finace has all her family back in the phillipines and we set them all up with ipod touches. The only thing I miss is that, and the fact that since we have unlimited texting, we can send UNLIMITED videos and they count as a text message rather then data... now we can't do that unless we use the  ipod now which only is avialible if we are home. But... oh well...

use viber to send texts videos and video chat, those last 2 were added very recently btw, before you could just text/voice chat.


Btw, one of the reasons many people are android fanboys is because they use cyanogenmod roms not samsung/htc/sony etc, those have horrible custom ui's and slow the phone down. Buying the nexus 4 now was bad timing as it looks as though nexus 4 v2 is out soon and possibly motorola X. Tegra 4 and qualcomm 600 and 800 processors are going to be in phones over the next few weeks.


Android 4.1 sorted out most of the lag problems. I'm sure 4.3 or 5.0 will improve the performance more.

#27 OP Rippleman


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Posted 25 June 2013 - 03:59

use viber to send texts videos and video chat, those last 2 were added very recently btw, before you could just text/voice chat.


Android 4.1 sorted out most of the lag problems.

Have viber too, but what i mean about using iMesssage was, through my carrier, iMessage counts as a text, and since we have unlimited worldwide text, we could send videos up to 5 mins in length to the phillipines through the carrier and not have it count as data usage.


4.1 still had lag on the galaxy note 2 i just had a couple weeks ago for me. Not much, but should be none considering the specs on that phone. The nexus 7 and nexus 4 i have have ZERO lag so I assumed its actually the 4.2 that eliminates the Android lag.

#28 Unimatrix Xero

Unimatrix Xero

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Posted 26 June 2013 - 15:04

just a heads up: http://www.neowin.ne...y-with-nexus-4/