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uk broadband isps

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Posted 26 June 2013 - 22:35

I'll take the broadband journey right back to my beginning...

Joined up with PlusNet around 2004 after they won awards & they were brilliant ..... until they made some changed & then became slower than 56k. This went on for way too long so i jumped ship....

...to Zen broadband, who were absolutely flawless. My only & i mean only grip with them is their price - it was £24.99/month IIRC. As we're out in a small village, the fastest we could get was the 8mb/s. This prompted me to jump to....

...o2 as they were advertising at £17.50 & i got 3 months for free. All was well for the best part of a year until they too became terribly unreliable. I was told they were operating a fair usage policy & traffic managing. Not very good when at the weekend you're wanting to snipe some eBay auction & your page wont load & when it does you've missed out on a bargain!! So i then jumped....

...back to Zen, which is where i am now. No fair usage policy, no traffic managing. Service has been fantastic. When i was receiving slow speeds their CS was brilliant. Again, my only grip is it's now about £25.50/month.

With us looking at move home, i was looking at an A-I-O package such as Sky (although as said, it'd be their 8mb/s package & not their unlimited). Only thing here is i read they have a F.U. policy & traffic manage - so you get killer speeds.

I was wondering who else out there offer a service like Zen ... but cheaper? I think my monthly download limit is 50GB with Zen.

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Posted 26 June 2013 - 22:43

I'm using BT Infinity I get speeds up to 80mb/s down and 10mb/s up, with unlimited data, I think I am paying £34.99p per month for broadband as I have phone included with my contract.

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Posted 26 June 2013 - 22:47

ditto for infinity, although you'll need a long contract (24 months i think) to get the openreach box in your house for free - its about £150+ without and a long waiting list


when i had sky they said i had no download limits and no fair use, that was with the all in one package - unlimited broadband

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Posted 27 June 2013 - 20:01

Ah sorry - i should've added that there's nothing LLU on my exchange. We're in a small village so the best we can currently hope for is 8mb/s.


Apparently Fibre Optic is scheduled for September, but 1) i'll believe that when i see it & 2) after reading some threads on it, the speeds might not be all that anyway .... but the prices seem to be (note: comment about prices was sarcasm)