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Got my 2013 Accord Touring I4/6MT sedan [Pics]

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Posted 01 July 2013 - 21:44

It's been a while since I've posted :p


Earlier this year, I signed for a 2013 Accord Touring I4/6MT sedan. This is a Canadian exclusive model -- Americans don't get I4 Tourings, let alone with Honda's excellent 6-speed manual :D Also, Canadian Tourings have 18" rims. They're almost the same as the one on the Sport model, except the Sport model has a darker finish.


After a 4 month wait, I finally got it on May 31st. Normally, I keep my cars mostly stock, with some equipment added.


Some pics I took yesterday. It rained like crazy here in Calgary since I got my car, and all the wax wore off. Since it's the long weekend, I finally had a chance to apply a coat of paint sealant on it for protection. The car is still in great shape after a quick detail, but I've already put 1500km on it -- all highway, too.







On the first weekend I got the car, I installed an Itronics ITB-100HD dashcam and Beltronics V995 radar detector, both hardwired. Just to note, I actually never speed. I'm just a geek who likes to play around with my electronic countermeasures. Plus, they're legal here in Alberta, so I'm just exercising my rights as a private citizen... anyways that's a completely different story. The cable is tapped into my rear view mirror. It took some cutting and soldering, but it looks clean.




Dashcam and radar detector installed. The mirror mount is a Blendmount.






Being an electronics countermeasure geek and all, obviously laser jammers are not missing. Once again, I don't speed, but I have these just for fun, and they're legal here in Alberta. Jammers are Laser Interceptor Generation 8, which are the best jammers available in the market today. I've had them aligned behind the grille, and controlled by a kill switch in the cabin on one of the blank buttons. The blank button is actually quite hard to drill through, a buddy of mine actually cut it on a $40,000 CNC machine :laugh: Either way, it looks quite OEM, and I like the way it looks.


Next up are speaker upgrades. The so-called "7 speaker Premium Audio System" sounds like crap, which is a shame. I'm not interested in putting some quad 1000000W subs in my trunk or whatever, but I want to have balanced audio.




For the front, I have a set of Polk db6501 component speakers installed. What a vast improvement over stock. The tweeters actually slide right into the sails, which is nice. To secure them, a bit of hot glue did the job, lol. However, once they're installed, my car's active noise canceling system didn't like it, and ended up in an unstable startup rumble. I ended up disabling the ANC by disconnecting the module located behind the dash, which made little difference, if at all, on the highway. With ANC disabled, the stock subwoofer actually delivers decent bass, and everything sounds great (Y)




Sorry for the crappy photo -- it was taken 11pm at night when I finished, because I thought ripping apart my car starting at 9pm was a good idea lol. I actually did my rear speakers during the week after work, which wasn't exactly a good idea, but whatever. The db651s were actually carried over from my 2007 Civic, which I've taken out when I sold it.


Now almost everything on my car looks stock or OEM, and it's a brilliant car to drive. :D

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Posted 07 July 2013 - 20:02

lol eco button.

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Posted 09 July 2013 - 06:26

Congratulations! And you've done a good job installing/swapping those speakers!  Hi-five!