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Some Win 8 Tablet Advice fed up with iPad

windows 8 tablet surface advice ipad

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#16 primexx


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Posted 05 July 2013 - 21:00

Forget about Windows RT


Trust me, I have done the whole windows RT / windows 8 tablet thing to death and am now on my FIFTH!  different win8 tablet


RT uses arm (snapdragon) processor so is unable to run any x86 application.  You might not be THAT bothered, but until you really use it in anger you can tell the small subtle differences between RT and full blown 8.


If price is an issue (guessing not since you had an ipad) look at the atoms.  Initially I was very sceptical about atoms since I always thought they were too slow and useless.  Turns out the atoms are faster in everything over arm and tegra.


The ASUS ME400C is my personal favourite as it represents fantastic value for money.  THIN (were talking ipad 2 thin), LIGHT (again, as light as an ipad 2), Fantastic Battery life, CHEAP!  £300 cheap!  That's amazing for what you are getting.


I was almost about to put down a lot of money for the intel I series tablet like a Surface pro, till I actually had hold of one.  They are too thick and battery not as good IMHO


However.....whatever you buy will be a HUGE leap over the ipad.  It took me a good couple of weeks to adjust.  Remember, windows RT / 8 tablets are NOT tablets.  They are laptops in a tablet case.  If you're ok with that you're gonna LOVE IT!


there's your problem. You're pretending like WinRT is a full blown OS. It's not. It's more like a "tablet OS plus" - a tablet OS but has bonus features like MSO. But still, it was never meant to be a desktop replacement.

#17 OP stevember


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Posted 05 July 2013 - 21:02

You call out those who like it as 'Fanboys' then say 'No flamewars'. Twisted logic. You've lost any help from me.


Point taken.

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Posted 05 July 2013 - 21:41

I've got a Surface RT and I love the thing. People who complain that Windows RT's lack of desktop app support really are missing the point. It's a tablet OS, not a desktop OS, it's not supposed to be able to run desktop apps because it's not a desktop. It's a tablet.


That said, it can do more than the other tablet OS' (such as full MS Office for free), and from a purely subjective standpoint, I prefer the UI to iOS and Android too.  There are some apps for coding and rudimentary graphics design on the RT store, though if you want to do anything more advanced, perhaps you need something other than a tablet.

#19 Manish


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Posted 05 July 2013 - 22:00

General web coding, bit design and working in office.


Presumably you've tried iPad apps like Diet Coda, Textastic and the ones from Adobe. There's no Microsoft Office on the iPad (yet) but the iWork apps aren't bad.


If you're still thinking about moving on, it sounds like you'd be better off with something like the Surface Pro rather than the RT, which will probably present you with similar limitations.

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Posted 05 July 2013 - 23:22

Based on what you said you want to do then the decision may well be made for you, if it was just web coding and general office use then yes the Asus M400 would be ideal, as would the Aconia 510w, and Lenovos upcoming Lynx.  These are all thin, light, windows 8 tablets with no active digitiser making them so cheap and all will get you through a general work day (more so the Aconia which has the keyboard+battery dock). Given the cheap price of these and that baytrail devices likely won't be out until very late in the year or most likely next year its not worth waiting. 


You mentiion you want to do a bit of design work and that could mean a few different things but from my experiences thats the point where you need to be looking at the Surface Pro, Samsung Ativ 700t, sony slider duo.  As has been pointed out to you though the limitations of these devices are the battery life, although the samsung will edge out the others as it gets around 6 hours and is thinner and lighter than  the other two. At this point though I would be inclined to wait for the Haswell tabllets to come out, which not be till Q4 based off past experience but next gen device and the better battery will be well worth it.  The other benefit of these devices is the active digitiser which depending on what your design work entails can be fantastic.


Assuming you dropped design off the list of requrements you could look at Windows RT and theres a high chance it could do what you want but as another poster pointed out it doesnt do it out of the box and not with a little effort and work arounds etc.  The Surface (RT) is a gorgous device but in my opinion just a consumption device and given the freedom and all the things you can do with the ASIUS etc out of the box..its a no brainer.

#21 vcfan


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Posted 05 July 2013 - 23:46

might as well wait for haswell and bay trail if going x86, and if you want RT, the new snapdragon will be great too. I hear bay trail  should be powerful enough to run some of the latest games at 720p over 30fps no problem,while these tablets will have > 8hrs+ battery life,in very slim and light form factors like the surface rt,and way cheaper than the haswell variants.