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The Crew Ported from PC to PS4 in 6 months with 3 people.

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Posted 02 August 2013 - 04:35

Not sure why you felt the need to state the obvious there, the point was that Valve do have D3D10/11 codepaths internally even if public releases do not. Your accusation was that they were purely working with D3D9, and the presentation proves otherwise. Ironically enough, the presentation also shows that with togl a larger share of the market is capable of running at the D3D10 API level.
Valve have nothing to gain by fudging the numbers here - Microsoft are the only party that could stand to gain something from such kinds of action (Which they did during Vista's dev) due to the subsequent lockin. Making intellectually dishonest comparisons hurts their efforts just as much.

I was talking about the Nvidia document. It simply did not say nothing about the performance of D3D 11. You are making something out to be nothing. What the document was about was converting different versions of D3d over to OpenGL and still keeping up performance. It had nothing to do with the performance of D3D 11 specifically. I have stated before that D3D 9 is slow, but D3D 11 is like a completely different API, it's been rewritten from the ground up as are the drivers, that was why D3D 10 was slow because they had to redo the drivers in the user space instead of having 100 percent in the OS Kernel.

It's not about trying to improve speed on D3D 11, it's that your OpenGL is faster than D3D 11 is FUD at best. You say that the stuff that I mentioned was obvious, yet you never addressed any of it. It's not obvious at all. In fact you never even mentioned it or took it into account, which is huge. Sorry, dude I can't buy what you are selling.

Nobody at Microsoft is trying to hide anything, you are just making up something that doesn't exist. You are trying to fix problems that are not there.

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Posted 02 August 2013 - 06:00

Some of you make extremely good points, you just can't seem to do so in a civil manner.


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