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Microsoft saying/showing the right things at Comic Con.

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#1 Showan


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Posted 21 July 2013 - 00:18

I've been keeping up with Micorosft at Comic Con, waiting to see if they will show anything new. Or if the would insert foot in their own mouths again. I must say, I am very shocked with how well Comic Con has worked out Microsoft..

They showed games, let attendees get their hands on games, and how system level functions enhance games. Where was that 2 months ago /s. the one thing I've been paying attention to is who is doing the talking at Comic Con. And it seems, like Microsoft won't even let a Suit do any talking, which is a very smart move considering the event.

The ability to record, edit and upload without leaving games is cool (though I'll probably never do it)
Kinect making a full 3D render of you for your Avatar. May seem cheesy but I think it's cool (could enhance a game by incorporating you into it.). Kinect can even read my BMI, well guess everyone will know I'm a Fatty now...lol

I'm not into racing games, but FORZA looks amazing. I mean jaw dropping amazing. As well as DR3.

There were a few things I wish they would address though. Like will there be digital copies of collectors editions of games? With the original vision, I could of bought a copy of a collectors edition of a game from the store, but the game will still be an digital copy. Would of been nice to buy a collectors edition of Watch Dogs, but the game still be a digital copy...

What are your thoughts on Microsoft's Comic Con 2013?

#2 spenser.d


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Posted 21 July 2013 - 21:01

Sounds cool.  Can't wait for more info.

#3 Torolol


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Posted 26 July 2013 - 17:10

so why its 'Comic' ?