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Posted 22 July 2013 - 14:03


I'm facing difficult problem regarding renaming of AD user remote profile and home folders directories. I can't rename them because they are in use. I can manually disconnect users using "Share and Storage Manager":


5fJPM.pngExample: Login:BALITZMA HF:\alien.net\users\home\BALITZMA PF:\alien.net\users\profile\BALITZMA

But there are some situations that files from that folders are currently in use. And since those folders are located in Windows File Clusters, I must manually find all opened files by BALITZMA and disconnect his session.

The question is: is there any easy way to "display current opened files for user" from powershell/other tool that can be run from command line and produce some output about witch files are in use and ability to use "Close selected" feature?


I would also know if there is any way for custom C# application to get this data/ solve my problem.