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Just as J.D. and Turk sang in that musical episode of "Scrubs," when it comes to proving the existence of the elusive Bigfoot, everything may really all come down to poo.

And that poo may be worth an incredible $10 million, courtesy of Spike TV and the network's upcoming reality series "10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty."

The series, which premieres in January 2014 and will be hosted by "Lois & Clark" star Dean Cain, is challenging nine teams to head out into the Pacific Northwest and find Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch). If they can, via photographic and DNA evidence, they will be handed an eight-figure check, guaranteed by famous British insurance company Lloyd's of London.

"What better way to find out [if Bigfoot really exists] than to throw the latest, cutting-edge science behind this; find the best Bigfoot-hunting teams possible, including big-game hunters, serious hunters, and people who have been looking for Bigfoot for many, many years; and then put a $10 million dollar bounty on finding out the truth. We just thought it was a helluva fun idea," said Chris Rantamaki, the Senior Vice President of Original Series at Spike TV.

And about the multimillion-dollar poo: Rantamaki says one of the coolest pieces of technology the teams will use in their search is a mobile DNA lab that can provide DNA sequencing results in as little as a day.

"When I saw this, it truly blew my mind," he told Yahoo! TV. "It's not my world, but there's all different kinds of DNA, obviously, like hair, fur, saliva, stuff that maybe scraped off onto branches

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