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Do You Have BitCoins?


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Poll: BitCoinage Usage

Do You Have BitCoins?

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#1 Sir Topham Hatt

Sir Topham Hatt

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Posted 12 August 2013 - 12:21

I don't really understand how BitCoin works or anything and don't really care right now.


Personally, while I see a common monetary denomination being used over the world one day, and the demise of cash all together, I can't really see BitCoin surviving in it's current state.

#2 CPressland



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Posted 12 August 2013 - 12:28

I did take an extensive look at BitCoins but found that I wasn't confident with their open-source nature. One way of looking at this is would you still use PayPal if they announced they were going open-source; I certainly wouldn't.

#3 BeerFan


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Posted 25 August 2013 - 02:30

i find it very funny that you made the statement below, and then started a topic about it.


I don't really understand how BitCoin works or anything and don't really care right now.




So you're saying, "I don't care about subject 'X'. but I really care about what you all think about subject 'X'???"

#4 Pupik


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Posted 25 August 2013 - 02:40

Find it useless. If I'm not feeling safe to use my credit card at some place, I'd just get a pre-paid card and use it instead.

#5 Max Norris

Max Norris

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Posted 25 August 2013 - 02:48

No bitcoins, nor do I have any interest (or trust) in them. Just don't see any particular need.