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230mm Case fan replacement



Let me start off by listing my relevant hardware:

- CM Haf 932 [Newegg]

- Corsair H100 [Newegg]


I have had the H100 in the box since May 2012 because my previous case did not have enough room for the radiator + fans above the memory modules.  I got the HAF932 earlier this year and haven't gotten around to solving another fan problem.  I don't want to lose any fans, but I have to move the 230mm case top fan out of the case so my cooler can secure to the inside of my case.  I would just swap the 230mm to the outside of the case... However, I have 2 kittens that LOVE to jump up on top of my tower on their way to the window.  I can guess that they'll only make the mistake once, but I don't want my kittens to jump up and have their feet injured or the fan messed up.


Can anyone recommend 2 120mm fans that have some type of grill, or a grill that I can slap over the current 230mm so I can use that?  I suck at metal work, so something custom isn't really feasible for me.


Any help is appreciated. 

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