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#1 Cheryl_27



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Posted 30 August 2013 - 20:07

I created a folder- "Utilities" - on my Vista desktop, to store often use shortcuts.   I changed the standard "Windows yellow file folder" to a star icon.

Also created 4 sub folders under "Utilities" & changed all their folder icons to same star.


If I click the quick launch main "Utilities" folder w/ star icon, it shows the star (for a bit) in the task bar icon for the "Utilities" opened folder.

But if from that main folder, I click on any of its sub folders (all w/ star icons), which just opens the next folder in the same window, the task bar icon then only shows a standard Windows yellow file folder.


Here's the twist:  If in explorer window, I browse to C:\Users\<current user>\Desktop\Utilities (where "Utilities," is the folder I created), and "Open" any of the 5 folders FROM THERE, THEN the task bar tab displays the stars.  IOW, in this method, I'm actually opening a NEW explorer window for each of the sub folders - NOT going from one folder to the next (IN THE SAME WINDOW).  As long as a NEW explorer window is opened, it displays the correct star icons.


How do  I get the star icons I put on these "Utility" SUB folders, to show up on task bar tab (instead of yellow file folder icon), when I just CLICK the sub folders, going from one folder to the next, in the SAME WINDOW,  NOT OPEN A NEW WINDOW for EVERY sub folder?  I don't want 5 of those folders - separately - in the task bar, if they're all opened.


Tried applying the main folder's properties to all folders "like it", in Tools > Folder Options >View, but no go.

Tried all sorts of settings changes in View >Advanced Settings:  checking / unchecking "always show icons," & many others related to folder or icon view.  No go.


Doesn't matter if main Utility folder is opened from desktop or quick launch - same thing.


Other apps shortcuts that I copy  to quick launch , show the same icon, on the task bar tab as is on the quicklaunch icon.  BUT... they didn't start out as standard, "yellow Windows file folders" icons.

I know that's the problem.  Normally, for apps - Windows pulls the icons to use for an app's task bar "tab" from that app's executable file.


BUT... since these folder started out as... Windows folders w/ a yellow folder icon, that's what Vista uses for the task bar tab -SOMETIMES.

I've tried different things w/ the ViewS menu options (show details, list, small icons, etc.) - none mattered.


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#2 OP Cheryl_27



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Posted 31 August 2013 - 16:22

Once I open a sub folder(s) of "Utilities" - by just clicking it & opening in SAME window, the task bar icon no longer shows the star icon - that displays in EXPLORER for that / those folders (shown in screen - previous comment).


I can change icon or even picture of Ozzy Osborne, to display on folders IN EXPLORER's GUI - all day long, but they won't show up on task bar tabs for those folders, unless OPENED IN A NEW WINDOW.  Possibly a registry hack for this?  Windows is weird.

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Posted 31 August 2013 - 16:36


#4 OP Cheryl_27



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Posted 31 August 2013 - 17:32

Looked at Stardockers (pants for celebs) - unless missed something in their descrip. & screens, shows NOTHING about changing icons on TASK BAR... or DOES it?  Not one single screen showing pretty icons on task bar.

I can change desktop OR taskbar  icon for ANY APPLICATION, buy replacing the icon(S) in the apps' .exe files - using a resource hacking tool.. Simple.


But there's no "exe" file for the Windows folder icon, for windows to pull an icon from.  There may be a way to do what I want, but Windows treats opening a new (sub) folder (in new window) like opening a new app.

It treats moving from one Explorer / desktop personal folder to another, WITHIN THE SAME WINDOW, as opening a plain Jane Explorer yellow folder - for some reason.

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