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Apache, wildcard ssl, htaccess exclude certain subdomains

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Posted 02 September 2013 - 20:49

I have just purchased my first wildcard SSL for my web application.


I have set up a virtual host for the wildcard SSL with app.mydomain.tld and *.mydomain.tld for user's to create custom subdomain names.


Currently when accessing www.mydomain.tld and forums.mydomain.tld under SSL it brings the app website which is from the *.mydomain.tld virtual host. In htaccess how can I prevent SSL access for www.mydomain.tld and forums.mydomain.tld as I only want these available as non-SSL, and if accessed under SSL to be redirected back to the non-SSL version (I understand this would have to go in the *.mydomain.tld virtual host htaccess file).


Any help would be great as not having much luck at the moment?