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Microsoft turned down the chance to publish Heavy Rain

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Posted 04 September 2013 - 04:39

Microsoft turned down the chance to publish Heavy Rain
by John Callaham

In 2010, developer Quantic Dream released Heavy Rain, a graphically rich crime adventure game, exclusively for Sony's PlayStation 3 console. The game used some highly mature themes in its storytelling and, as it turns out, those themes made Microsoft turn down the chance to release Heavy Rain.

During a presentation this week at the BAFTA games lecture in London, Polygon reports that Quantic Dream founder David Cage said that Microsoft wanted to work with the France-based developer, based on the acclaim it received from its previous game Fahrenheit.

So what happened? Cage said that ultimately, Microsoft didn't care for some of the content that Quantic Dream wanted to put in Heavy Rain, specifically on its themes of child kidnapping. Cage said, "They didn't want the scandal." Instead, the developer went to Sony, who were more willing to work with Quantic Dream, even with Heavy Rain's adult themes. The game went on to become critically acclaimed for its storyline and no such "scandal" about its themes came out when it was released.

Quantic Dream is currently close to finishing its next game, Beyond: Two Souls. The supernatural adventure game will also be a PS3 exclusive and is due for release on October 8th.

Source: Polygon | Image via Quantic Dream