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Posted 10 October 2013 - 17:00

Yea, that initial post by .Rob wasn't necessary or on topic...but whatever. It happens.


On to the point of security with X1...seeing as the X1 is just a hypervisor running the 2 OS' in parallel, it seems it would be even harder to exploit from a software point alone. I'm sure there are levels of security in hardware obviously, but first you have to hack the hypervisor, then you have to hack both OS' (as one OS is a launcher for the other OS...in a certain way). Yea...that's not getting broken anytime soon.


Now, on-topic: I could see this happening for the simple fact of reselling old games is the new norm (and reskinning them). Plus it will be a test bed for games after this upcoming generation, so when we go to "Xbox 4 gen", we won't have to worry about our catalogs.