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Now we have chicken from China

usa department of agriculture ban ended us slaughtered usda inspectors nuggets unlabeled

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#31 Albert


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Posted 06 September 2013 - 10:12

...wondering if the McNuggets box will say "made in China"...


oh it'll say "design in u.s.a. assembled in china".


seriously. all these fuss about chinese chickens. from the country whose people gobbled up hotdogs and burgers like brain-eating zombies. puhleeze.

#32 +zhiVago


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Posted 06 September 2013 - 10:36

How the hell does it even make sense to, Send them to china and then send them BACK again! The delay in shipping time must cost business money


There are two things that need to be kept in mind to understand this:


1) When it comes to any kind of large-scale, industrial-type of production, the fundamental principle is that nothing should get wasted, because the waste can be re-sold and re-processed. One man's trash is another man's treasure.


2) The food processing industry heavily relies on the manual human labour. Despite the fact that technologies exist to automatically separate meat from bones (or blend them together), a machine cannot tell the difference between the different parts of a chicken yet if you feed it the whole trunk. A worker must separate different pieces first (because each part is valued differently) and then sort them accordingly.


So, given that:


a) the cost of labour is lower in China, and

b) the demand for the post-processed trash is greater in China =>


=> it makes for a perfect business case to do it the way it's proposed in the article as all the decisions the corporations make are profit-driven.


Finally, the savings from the manual labour in China must offset the cost of shipping it all back and forth. They must have done their homework.



Why they cant do all this in the US I do not know.


They can and they do. But the margins of doing it through China are higher and the CEO's want their bonuses for their extra work extra profit that they've showed the shareholders.

#33 blerk


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Posted 08 September 2013 - 02:39

Clever companies (like McDonalds - seriously) will see a potential consumer backlash and act accordingly. They'll simply advertise their McNuggets, etc, as 100% made in the USA (or some such variation that meets legal requirements).  They'll have campaigns where they say the chicken is grown in America, killed in America and chicken-nuggetized in America. 


Where I'm from (and this isn't limited to my country), McDonalds and other major food corporations put lots of effort into advertising that their food is made in-country. Various burger boxes say where the product generally comes from, for instance the Big Mac says something like 'We only use 100% pure beef sourced from farmers in places like King Country and Canterbury* to create the tastiest burgers around (*sometimes if we can't get enough, we'll use some Australian beef).'

#34 OP Hum


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Posted 09 September 2013 - 14:16

'We only use 100% pure beef sourced from farmers in places like King Country and Canterbury* to create the tastiest burgers around'



'And whatever critters the truck happens to run over along the way ...' :whistle: