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McDonald's 'McEverything': $140

wisconsin megaorder diet coke lofty bill disassembled

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#46 psionicinversion


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Posted 20 September 2013 - 22:03

this is a failed logic that people dont get. (i know youre joking, btw)


i dont drink sugary drinks b/c they hurt my teeth and my stomach.


also, adding that giant Coke to your already-bad meal does make a difference. Say your caloric intake for the day is 2500 calories. that Coke you buy at McDs probably has 300-400 calories. that could be 15-20% of your daily intake. personally, id rather eat that amount rather than drink it.


yeah i dont drink much sugary drinks only time i do is with vodka :D 9 times out of 10 if i do goto mcdonalds, kfc etc i have a bottle of water, i love water people who says err i hate water it doesnt taste of anything. i think it tastes amazing, it is literally the best drink on the planet (cus your body is made of the stuff). i drink tea with biscuits i have started to like coffee but maybe have it once or twice a week cus i dont like it that much. the best pickup in the morning is a lot water cus it rehydrates you from the night and powers your cells to turbo charging levels :p


oh also with diet drinks i think theres bin some studies where the sugar is replaced by stuff to make it taste better but gives it that diet logo can destroy your liver or kidneys over a long enough period cus i think your body doesnt know how to break it down so it kills those organs off. not 100% sure but water is your boy, oh defo ice, sparkling water and wedges of lime is awesome :D

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Posted 20 September 2013 - 22:07

The above poster works for a water purification company.



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Posted 20 September 2013 - 22:11

What is the point of having 'Diet' Coke - an extra 40 or so calories isn't going to make much difference after all that crap.


12 oz. of Coke contains ~138 calories and 29mg of caffeine. The same amount of Diet Coke contains 0 calories and 45mg of caffeine. As a caffeine junkie who eats like ######, the Diet Coke makes a lot more sense.