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GNOME 3.10 released

gnome 3.10

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Posted 26 September 2013 - 13:45

unity and gnome have been annoying. i think i'd stick with kde for now until all these interface developers stop thinking that tablet interfaces suck on desktops.


I wished I could like KDE but I just can't stand it. I do like some of the apps, it's just the desktop is too complicated. It's not that I can't tweak it, because I do know how, I just prefer something simpler. To me the best desktop right now is Cinnamon. It does have some bugs still because it is a new project but it does everything I need. I'm looking forward to their 2.0 release where they finally become independent from Gnome.


My next best fav is XFCE. :)

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Posted 26 September 2013 - 15:52

It's pretty desktop but looking over your video from above I see they still haven't dealt with my biggest gripes about it, pity. Personally feels like a bigger mess than Windows 8 when it comes to a desktop PC, well before tweaks/addons of course, there's some good ones for both that improve usability a lot. Some of the design decisions are just bad and counter-productive.. there's good things in there too that I do like but the rest of it just kills it.

Couldn't say I agree about KDE though, out of all the Linux desktops that one feels the most complete in my opinion.. some of them sacrifice too much functionality all in the name of being lightweight. I get it if you're using old underpowered hardware but I don't get it when somebody runs something like LXDE on a high performance system.. seems like a waste, what's the point? I dunno, just opinion of course, feels like installing Windows 95 on a reasonably current system.. got all that horsepower, put it to work.

Unity oddly enough has actually been growing on me somewhat, it's been evolving rather nicely.. (Well, minus keeping the semi-brain dead version of Nautilus along with it, thank you Nemo.) I'd take that over Gnome 3 any day now.. it's a pity that I'll probably never touch it again once 14.04 rolls around due to the under-the-hood changes that are coming.. I'm no fortune teller but I suspect there's going to be bigger fallout from that versus when they switched from Gnome to Unity in the first place.


Me too, Unity is growing on me too.I like having every thing done by keyboard and almost never touch a mouse