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Virgin Galactic Plans Space Hotels, Day Trips to the Moon


The suborbital space firm has audacious plans for orbit, although experts debate their current feasibility




Fancy a day

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Still, more than 500 people have already paid deposits toward the $200,000 trips soon to be offered aboard Virgin Galactic

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It's not so silly as some "experts" think. Virgin Galactic could also contract for rides on the coming commercial crew spacecraft (DragonRider, Dream Chaser, CST-100 or XCOR's Lynx follow on.) With 7 passenger capacities the commercial crew spacecraft would be cheaper per seat than a 2-person craft, and there's then potential for reusable boosters - SpaceX's Falcon 9R.

The space "hotel" could be one of Bigelow Aerospace's commercial space stations - a test module for which gets its ISS test in just.over a year. Their tech can be used to build single modules that are 2x as large as the entire ISS is now: 2,100 cubic meters.

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