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Silent Night iTunes skin created by Me

itunes skin windows

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Posted 04 November 2013 - 01:11

4 versions included:

With scrollbars
Without scrollbars
With non rounded scrollbars


March 28th 2013: Only some cosmetic touch this time in columns: (Track # -> Track) (Disc # -> Disc) (Kind -> Type) (Time -> Duration)
March 28th 2013: Some cosmetic touch to playlist too, so it fits to kbps height: (GB, MB, KB -> gb, mb, kb)

Remodified "Artist, Albums/Songs" fonts
Added extra space to "Album by Artist / Year"
Changed Artist font what appears center of the window (Arial)
Added new Minimal version of iTunes (No apple icon, no "Selected Item or Now Playing" texts, no Artists name or Album# in library, no Artist name center of the window)
Changed bottom bar icons to appear upon iTunes window inactive mode
Removed gray "grab" icon in column browser
Removed up/down arrows after Album by Artist text
Changed iTunes cursors
Changed iTunes Store scrollbars (non rounded, normal rounded) and (white for no scrollbar)
Added non rounded scrollbar version
Modified Grid View Header bar/icons
Modified progressbar
Modified volume bar/icons
Modified List Selected Songs Background, List Selected Songs Bottom Line, List View Separator
Modified Play item background/arrow when hovering albumart
Added some effect in albumart background
Changed albumart to non rounded in Artists View, created by me!!
Modified rating stars
Now includes installers!
Modified searchbox background
Changed album name to normal instead of bold
Changed LCD artist name to normal instead of bold
Changed left bar selected item image
Changed LDC to non rounded
Fixed left bar leftover items showing after removed "SHARED"
Changed left bar links names
Changed "Name" to "Title" and "Bit Rate" to "Bitrate" in columns
Removed scrollbar/arrows/drag images in coverflow window
Removed Show/Hide items in iTunes left bar
Removed scrollbars
Changed "Play Artist" and "Play Selected" to "Play"
Removed "SHARED" in left bar
Removed "All Artists" text
Removed blue color when clicking albumart
Removed texts in top left hand side (shows grey hover color instead)
Removed "iTunes" text
Removed texts in bottom bar
Removed icon/text in search box
Removed ping/dropdown arrow and speaker icons when song plays
Changed min/max/close buttons to match Placebo Black Market Windows 7 visual style

Check more info and download links here.