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Need Recommendation for Dual Gigabit WAN Router

networking; router

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Posted 11 November 2013 - 12:49

You are right. I don't think the 5505 supports vlaning the ports.

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Posted 11 November 2013 - 17:58

Please Forgive Me!


As you guys have detected, I have one helluva snarly attitude right now. Reason: I just got out of the hospital where I underwent knee replacement surgery. That went well to the extent that I never even required pain medication. I can even jog 50 yards.


However, while I was in the hospital I contracted something truly virulent. Interesting, since I go 8-10 years between even the mildest of colds, never take flu shots and eat foods in the streets of developing countries without the first indication of illness. At any rate when I returned home after surgery, I vomited with extreme diarrhea for a solid month. I could not eat anything; the thought of food made me nauseous and sent me to the bathroom vomiting. My weight dropped from 227 (morbidly obese, I know) to 193 in between 2 to 3 weeks. I was scared I could not stop this downward spiral.


The other day family members came to me and said, "Dennis, you have to get out of bed and fight this thing. You have never given up in your life, so why start now? You must make yourself eat, even if it sickens you to do so."


I have been up and functioning for about 3 days now. Quite frankly, I barely have the strength to walk to the mailbox and back.


That plus the fact that I really almost never have an enjoyable experience on forums. For many years I was active on OCN where everyone behaves as good citizens. There were no trolls who were not quickly brought back into line by other members. Now this will sound like arrogance, but after 25 years of working with every iteration of Windows, also DOS, and now Linux, I don't find too many questions the answers to which I can't root out on my own. I have also found that on most forums newbies are typically treated as no-nothing imbeciles who must endure a hazing period before being accepted by the Resident Powers That WannaBe. Toms Hardware and Mozilla are prime examples of that crap. There are guys over there who are just vicious; they have no life and no love for their fellow man. They also no less about computers than you might ever imagine.


So here I come to this forum. Hell No, I don't know much if anything about this level of networking. I made that clear in my intro and throughout my posts. But I'll be damned if I'm going to be lectured to as if I'm incapable of feeding myself without help. How many of you guys, for example, know much about ReFS? Two months ago I knew nothing about it; now I teach others.


Same with networking. I don't know a darned thing now. I'm lucky to know what questions to ask. But I'm here to learn. And I need your help.


+Aheer.R.S., my sincerest apologies. Your grammar is correct. My reading of it was not. Please accept my apologies!

In conclusion, let me just say that I've done and accomplished a lot in my life (hoping it's not over though). In terms of my mind and my abilities, please allow me to confess that I am indeed arrogant. For 15 years all my friends were Caltech, MIT, Berkeley and the like. An ethereal word. I miss it.


But I have no choice but to remain at home for the next few years. I'm a bit old fashioned. I took care of my Dad until he passed in '08 and now my Mother who is 92. I'm locked in a big room upstairs surrounded by computers and electronic equipment - my own personal womb and security blanket. Simply put, compared to most of my life, it's a bit of solipsist lifestyle.


Hope, then, I did not hurt anyone's feelings.

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Posted 11 November 2013 - 20:28

Separate Issue: There is something desperately wrong with this site. Many times the top half of my screen went dead black. Then just a few minutes ago I clicked on "Next" and the site went down.


OK, BudMan:


What?? What gateway device did comcast give you.. I highly doubt it does any sort of vlaning or your connection.  Comcast Modem: SMCD3G (Please See Attached)

What exactly is your plan here with the 4 outs? How many public IPs do you have, why do you need more than 1 dynamic IP? Again are you serving up anything off, lets see here 20mbps up? The router you want to buy - make sure it has vlan support if that is what you want to do with your 5 computers? You going to put them all on their own network segment?

Nobody has called you the village idiot, and I don't mean to suggest anything of sort. But clearly there is bit of miscommunication going on.  Yes, quite strong actually. I know very little but wish to learn. Let's take it from there.

You come in here asking about dual wan, gig routers - when you have a 100Mbps connection down tops with only 1 ISP. You think you need some buzz words like UTM, and IPS and DLP..  You may wish to address your tone. I;m not interested in buzzwords but I'm interested in UTM for what it does, for example. There is much more but I am just now learning to swim in your ocean - as you well know.

What is the device that comcast gave - to be honest your done.. Connect it to your switch.. What else do you think you need? Your behind a NAT, no inbound ports are allowed out of the box. Your not serving up anything?? Atleast not that you have mentioned as of yet.

So you can think you need some magic box that will scare off the NSA - when in reality your all ready do go with what you have.

You have not said one thing that suggest you need anything other than what you already have. Sorry, and that doesn't mean your an idiot - just means your unclear on what you need, and you have been bombarded with buzz words, etc.  Absolutely, completely correct. And I believe that's why people come to this fine forum - to learn just how much control they can have over their traffic, prevent intrusions, Dos, etc.


More later. I need to take a break. With all this medical trauma I fatigue easily. My apologies.


Right now, I'm thinking RV042G-NA is not for the long run. Tentatively looking at the ZyXEL ZyWALL USG50, though a bit shaking in boots with the setup being said to be so arcane.


Hey BudMan, make no mistake, my friend. I really do like it when you challenge me and tell me that I may not need all the bang that I'm looking at. What I want to do is keep my options open for the future, so I don't want to buy some wimpy piece of junk that is appropriate for the "me" of now. Hope you understand.


Oh and just to clarify, my love of electronics has been an addiction since way back when I built tube amplifiers and single sideband transmitters. Yes! I am insane. But at least this is my only addiction. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. Gotta have something. :)

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Posted 12 November 2013 - 01:41

Here's a pretty "Don't Buy" review of the very fine ZyWALL USG50, where nothing wonderful really works until you purchase lots of licenses.  http://www.pcmag.com...,2407911,00.asp


I just downloaded and printed the manual for my Comcast SMCD3G Modem - about 70 pages. Will study what this sucker can do as well as give a thorough study of my Cisco SG300-10 10-port Gigabit Managed Switch, which I just purchased. When I know what I can do with these two, I'll move on to (perhaps) a router, if and only if I actually need one.


A special thanks to +BudMan for all his smash-face truth. More than anyone else on this thread, and all of you have been very kind and helpful, BudMan influenced my thinking. I mean, if I'm too damned proud to listen to someone who obviously knows much more than I do, well I'd be nothing more than a poser or a dilettante. I might not know squat about networking but I am not a phony.


Back later when I know more ....

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