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IE 11 freezing on youtube website

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#31 ClassicTrekker



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Posted 19 November 2013 - 21:08

I have IE11 on Windows 7 and it's jamming too.. it appears to be a javascript issue by what I can see while debugging




Don't know how much this would help, but I turned off Protected Mode, and the pages seem to load better. At least, it'd be a better temporary fix than having to turn off ActiveX filtering every time I go to the webpage. :)

#32 SlasherKG



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Posted 20 November 2013 - 03:58

While I never experienced these issues on either my Desktop or my Surface Pro running Windows 8.1, it does appear Microsoft has added YouTube.com to the compatibility list as it now renders as Document Mode: 10 if you check F12 Developer Tools.


Previously, and correctly in my opinion, it rendered in Edge mode, I liked that it was using the HTML5 player for most videos as well as allowing it to go actual full screen, but not anymore...


I just verified this by opening it on my Surface Pro, which I hadn't used today and checking F12 and it said Document Mode: Edge (default), then checked a few minutes later and it had switched to Document Mode: 10 (default) so it must have updated its compatibility list from the server.


I suppose I can just manually disable the compatibility list for now...hopefully they get this sorted out.

Unless someone knows how to force it to Edge mode without disabling the compatibility list?

#33 +_Alexander



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Posted 20 November 2013 - 04:18

Microsoft/Google being ****s, customers suffer.

#34 jandler



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Posted 03 December 2013 - 21:28

Are you using Nvidia? The release notes specifically mentioned Flash freezing in Firefox.




No, mine is a ati radeon :s

#35 +snaphat (Myles Landwehr)

snaphat (Myles Landwehr)

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Posted 03 December 2013 - 23:24

Microsoft/Google being ****s, customers suffer.


I don't think they are purposely messing up flash... 

#36 +snaphat (Myles Landwehr)

snaphat (Myles Landwehr)

    Electrical & Computer Engineer

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Posted 03 December 2013 - 23:30

Doesn't fix it for me, I am on html5 and I still get YouTube freezes :(


Stranger thing is I've had it freeze on chrome too :/


If I load a direct video url it works fine, if I go to the homepage it freezes.


Chrome's Pepper Flash is terrible (or was terrible in the past -- they might have fixed it now). You can try switching over to the NPAPI version from Adobe Website. Unfortunately, chrome is phasing out the NPAPI plugin interface eventually and blacklisting most NPAPI plugins (including NPAPI flash) starting in January. Well, to be fair, they are really whitelisting a few plugins and everything else isn't allowed so it technically isn't a blacklist.

#37 George P

George P

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Posted 08 December 2013 - 12:45

I have a different issue, IE11 on Windows 7 will freeze but only when trying to play flash videos on Facebook. YouTube plays fine though, and FB videos play fine with chrome. I'm thinking it's a plugin or something problem isolated to FB for me.

#38 +Legendary Aced

Legendary Aced

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Posted 16 March 2014 - 08:52

I have similar issues with YouTube and Internet Explorer 11 for Desktop on Windows 8.1 and I can't find a fix. I have already tried most of the workarounds provided in the web by others (ActiveX filter, uncheck protected mode, enable/disable HTML5 player preference, etc) but no luck for me.


Everytime I try to watch a video from YouTube on Internet Explorer 11 for Desktop (Win8.1 Pro) it just doesn't work. The YouTube page loads correctly but the spinning loading dots on the video freeze and the page becomes unstable. After a coumple of seconds the tab becomes unresponsive and if I wait for more the whole broswer becomes unresponsive too. The problem occurs in embeded videos from YouTube in other websites and it's killing me. :/  This behaviour does not appear in Internet Explorer 11 Modern, everything works smoothly there.


I don't feel like using the Modern version of the browser because I do not own a touch screen and I have decided to switch from Chrome to IE. It feels much better in general, except YouTube. Any ideas on what the issue might be? I can provide additional details uppon request. :)

#39 +Legendary Aced

Legendary Aced

    AKA kostas_pav

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Posted 29 March 2014 - 20:25

So I found a solution for my system and decided to post it here.

I noticed that embedded videos from other sources (for example, Facebook) make Internet Explorer 11 for Desktop (Win 8.1) become unresponsive as well. The exact same behaviour I get with YouTube. So I did a little research on this. It looks like the hardware acceleration is what causes the browser to become unresponsive or, sometimes, crash completely.


In order to solve this issue I did the following:

  1. Open Internet Explorer 11 for Desktop on Windows 8.x
  2. Click on the Gear icon > Internet Options > Tab: Advanced
  3. Tick the box: Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering, in the Accelerated Graphics group.
  4. Click OK
  5. Close Internet Explorer 11 for Desktop completely, all tabs, no instances running
  6. Open Internet Explorer 11 for Desktop and browse any video on YouTube and other sources without any problems :D


I hope this helps everyone. It would be nice to trace the exact cause of this behaviour with the GPU rendering and maybe report it.