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Sony wants to bring Shemue to the PlayStation

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#1 ReptileX



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Posted 22 November 2013 - 17:48


Sony is working on bringing the likes of Shenmue and Yakuza to PlayStation platforms.


Sony's Adam Boyes has explained that the company is working on getting fans the games they want on PlayStation platforms and that includes the likes of Shenmue and Yakuza.

"When we started the third-party production team, it was born out of necessity. We had a lot of publishers and a lot of content that had come out for various platforms and various territories that weren't necessarily coming to our territory, platforms we'd love to see them on," Boyes told Kotaku


Boyes explained that Sony are working on trying to get games that have been requested by fans on to Sony platforms. 

"We've got a massive list—we're calling everyone trying to get that list as much as possible. A lot of issues come around clearances or intellectual property ownerships and stuff like that."


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This is pretty exciting news

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Posted 22 November 2013 - 17:52

Nice, used to play the crap out of Shenmue on the Dreamcast way back when, really good game.  If they can get the rights that is.

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Posted 22 November 2013 - 17:55

That would be cool, but I wouldn't get too excited yet. All they said was that they are compiling and list of requests and that they would 'like' to bring games like that to the platform.

None of this confirms that a new Shenmue game is being created.

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Posted 22 November 2013 - 17:56

If they pull it off and get Yu Suzuki working on it too.

Sony will have sold 1 PS4.


I'm surprised no one has tried again with Shenmue. The cult following the game has. It deserves to have an ending.

It'll sell like hotcakes if it is on a Sony machine in Japan too.

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Posted 22 November 2013 - 20:17

But... Yakuza is already on the PS3. Yakuza 3 (never going to platinum it :/ )& 4 are pretty much Shenmue games engine wise, just different stories. If they do take on Shenmue, make a Complete Edition with the 2 titles released and the ones planed all in one package.