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(UK) BT HomeHub 5 - Home Network problem

bt homehub 5 home network problem uk

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Posted 27 November 2013 - 15:45

Would it be possible to setup a teamviewer session so that I can poke around? I may be able to find something. I have looked through the "documentation" but the "documentation" is really setup for basic users unless the interface is so basic that it just shows wifi, lan, etc without any other configuration options. I highly doubt that. Would like to help you out. If not you can call up bt to try and help you.

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Posted 30 November 2013 - 13:54

And what profile is your network, home/private or public?

You changed out your gateway with a new device, so the mac address will change even if using the same network ip space, its almost a given that windows will see this as a new network.


When windows sees a new network, it should ask you what type of network.. So what did you set it too? Or when you first setup windows and it asks you what network this is, and you say home/private there is also option to treat all other networks as public. Did you set that option so you wouldn't even get asked?

Here is the thing, if you can not ping the other machine by IP.. Look at your mac address table with arp -a, do you see a valid mac for the IP your pinging? If not then you have something else wrong.. If you see a valid mac, its more than likely firewall related.

I would say your windows firewall is on because your in a public network according to windows. Or if not the windows firewall, some other security software blocking ping based upon network awareness.