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Mandatory RFID Chip for All, with Biometrics by 2014 ?

united states radio frequency identification privacy electronic health records dept. health human services cashless society

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#61 FloatingFatMan


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Posted 02 December 2013 - 08:45

What I find pathetic and funny is that some people try to hard to just talk bull. I said what I said and it still stands firm. Get over it and grow up. Like I said, nothing to hide no problems. Now I am wondering why people are trying to hide something when they have nothing to hide to begin with. No matter how you make yourself sound intelligent still does not deflect my comments, it only in forces it.


There's a good little robot. *pat*pat*


Nicely programmed and obedient, you will make an excellent drone.

#62 Riva


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Posted 02 December 2013 - 09:50

You lost your mind over that continent

#63 Kelxin



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Posted 02 December 2013 - 09:53

Sounds pretty cool to me. I have nothing to hide.



Guess you haven't fully pictured a perfect "police state" yet.   I bet you'd have something to hide then, like maybe yourself.   I know we get kinda relaxed here in Colorado, but travel around a bit and you'll see the hate and control in the rest of the country running rampant.   Actually even here, I was pulled over and almost arrested 7 times on mistaken identity, but funny enough, every time they run my plates the picture that pops up looks just like ME instead of the guy that has the warrant (which is an opposite skin tone guy with the same name as me).

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Posted 04 December 2013 - 17:28

By 2014? So what, just over 3 weeks away?


And how would they be mandatory, how would you force them on every citizen and what would be the penalty of refusing one?



As far as privacy is concerned: everyone already gives up their private personal infomation freely. There is no need to be particularly invasive about obtaining it.

#65 Torolol


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Posted 05 December 2013 - 07:12

The correct way is to implement the chip implant at child birth clinic/hospital,
then mandatory scan for installed chip at first day of compulsory education
or whenever the brats requires some services that provided by government.

Thanks to the influences of the book of Revelation doing this at later age would create chaos instead.