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Hey guys,


I'm looking around at the moment for a monitor upgrade. I'm a freelance graphic designer currently making-do on an old LG L226WTQ 22" monitor at 1650x1050 resolution; it's time I went for a new 24-27" monitor - I got this one around 2004/5 if not slightly before, but I have a few concerns. I'm really looking at IPS panels at the moment.


First of all I currently have a DVI connection, which has served me well, but am wondering if it's going to be phased out in the new few years in favour of HDMI and Display Port. I was looking into the Dell P2414H as it's a nice size and I could pay for one now and potentially move to a second one for further productivity in the future. What puts me off is it's lack of a HDMI port, noted as a con in some reviews, and it's relatively low resolution at 1080p.


I've looked into the P2714H, which has the same basic problems and other 27" monitors with higher resolutions but I can't decide what the best monitor is. I'm either looking to spend money for a 27" monitor that will have a good, high resolution for graphic design - something like 1440p - or getting two lower resolution monitors at 24" for productivity.


Add to this the fact that I like to play BF3/4 and Planetside 2 and games like Bioshock and Tomb Raider, I'm looking for excellent colour reproduction for the graphic design element, but I don't want any lag or problems while gaming.


So I'm looking for your advice. I'm willing to spend up to a maximum of

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