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NAS Setup Questions

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#1 DanReflex



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Posted 19 December 2013 - 22:06

Hello folks, im new to the whole idea of buying a NAS but with having so many devices and wanting to share/stream data to/from them all i know its the best thing to do.


I want to be able to access the data from my computer/smartphones/tablet but would also like to have the possibility of the NAS drive being a plex media server/player too..


Now after a little bit of searching i came across the Seagate Central... which has its own "plex-like" media player but again some of the questions i have, i havent been able to find an answer for.


So here goes.... Is it possible to run something like the Seagate Central & Rasberry Pi running plex together or do i have to have a dedicated NAS that runs plex itself


Can anybody make things a little clearer for me haha :I


I basically need something i can access all my files from all of my devices wirelessly, and also possibly have it plugged into my TV or a small media player (Rasplex) to use a nice interface to watch my media


Any ideas? Thanks in advance

#2 +patseguin


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Posted 21 December 2013 - 14:51

I have a synology 1511+ with expansion box for 30TB of data. It has Plex built in but I like xbmc better. I have mini pc's connected to my pc's running xbmc and they retrieve media from my NAS.

#3 +BudMan


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Posted 21 December 2013 - 15:01

Its a NAS (network attached storage) What does that have to do with some media streaming application. Now a nas should provide multiple protocols to access this storage, be it cifs/smb, iscsi, nfs, ftp, afp, http, etc.

Can many "NASes" run applications - sure, just a computer connected to disks connected to network after all. Normally since teh function of the nas is to just serve up files its OS has been stripped down to basics of that function.

But when it comes down too it just files you access with a protocol, now whatever you want to use to display say the media files on a tv/computer screen is up to you. I use my popcorn a110 to access my media shared via smb.. I am quite sure a pi running plex or xmbc can access the files you share off your nas with whatever protocol you choose to use that is supported by the media player application/device you want to use.

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