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Looking for a new multiplayer game

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#1 Erich



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Posted 20 December 2013 - 20:51

For a MAC preferably... I could bootcamp I guess, but I don't wanna.

My most prominent experience is in the following games:

  • SC2:HOTS - my favourite right now, but getting stale.
  • WOW - I consider the fact that I quit it as me beating it. I really did enjoy the complexity of character building, and having in excess of 15-20 moves always at your disposal. I was in a guild that was competing for world first kills back in Burning Crusades... so I was quite serious going over 80 hours a week - no interest going back.
  • LOL - Don't like it, feels like child's play. If the combat was closer to WOW or Dark Souls I'd like it more.
  • CS:Source - Used to be huge into PC FPS. Joined a stoner clan for awhile and became a huge pothead. I feel the genre jumped the shark after the community moved to console.
  • BF1942 - loved it, was part of the mod development team for Desert Combat for some of the earlier releases.

So, I like competing with people and beating them. I'm platinum league in SC2, so I'm decent, but not crazy good. I dunno, what's out there?