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Got a strange one here....

Im transferring for example files to/from one PC (Windows 7) to another (Windows 8) and using the Windows 8 file dialog I see it reaches OK speeds of 80KB /s and such for about 7 seconds (this is constant; its always 7 seconds), then it stays at 0 bytes for 3 seconds, then another 7 seconds at top speed, etc....

Its odd so I guess BudMan will have to fill this one.

Not downloading anything or nothing that is eating up my LAN/WAN bandwidth....

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I just see so much clog in the airwaves but nm; My previous post makes sense to me.

Thanks for the reply and help as always.


This is a fantastic explanation of channel interference: 



Your channels would clog up the spectrum for other people using co-channels or using channels that have adjacent overlap but wouldn't affect one-another.

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