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michigan driver license suspend truant truancy teen school lawmaker

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#16 Rohdekill


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Posted 28 December 2013 - 05:11

You don't know Michigan.

First suspension: 1 year
Second suspension: 5 years

In neither case is the license certain to be restored. The Secretarty of State must be convinced the behaviors or circumstances have changed. Lifetime revokations are possible, and driving under one can get you escalating jail rime.

Also, minors who have done something serious with a vehicle like property damage, a DUI, injuring or killing someone can be tried as adults and face the same penalties. A vehicular homicide here can bring a 2nd degree murder charge. Michigan has convicted 11 year olds of 1st degtee murder.

I'm assuming you mean 1st time your license is suspended, it is suspended for one year.  Second time, for five years.  But as I pointed out, people STILL drive with a suspended license.  According to blotter reports all over my state, this happens a lot and most receive a citation ( a ticket )  or, basically a slap on the wrist.  Just telling someone they aren't allowed to drive doesn't necessarily mean they will listen or obey.



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Posted 28 December 2013 - 05:23

Most kids don't care about a license nowadays. :( I have 4 teenage boys and not a one has bothered to ask for one. Two 16 and two 17. I asked them but I geuss it gets in the way of ther video games :s.

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Posted 28 December 2013 - 05:27

I understand the reason, but it seems like the consequence (revoked license) is completely unrelated to being truant. You could be the best driver in the world but your license gets revoked for skipping too much school?


The idea is that if the kids have a car that will make it easier for them to leave school or not go at all. Take away the car and they won't have that excuse to not be in school.


It has nothing to do with how good of a driver they are.