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Which Linux distribution do you prefer? (2014 edition)

linux distribution preference

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Poll: Which Linux distribution do you prefer?

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Which Linux distribution do you prefer?

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#121 Krome


    Neowinian God!

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Posted 01 September 2014 - 21:07

I am very very excited to try Linux.  I have not used Linux ever since I am out of Uni.  Need to get back to it.  I can't wait to use Linux again.  Right now, there's a few things that is stopping me from using Linux.


1) Waiting for "Scientific Linux 7" to be compiled.

2) VirtualBox is still not stable.  Version 4.3.14 break many VM.  The bug is still being ironed out.

3) 128GB SSD is not enough to install many applications.  I am currently waiting till I can get the 1TB SSD so I can install any apps to my heart's contend.

#122 Radium



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Posted 12 October 2014 - 13:58

I'm compiling Linux From Scratch at this very moment. :woot:

#123 vhane



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Posted Today, 04:13

I've recently Dockerized one of my client's web service applications, and I'm sold on the technology. I've got the current iteration of the service running on EC2/Ubuntu/Docker. It follows naturally that CoreOS is the next distro that I'm going to investigate. I think that this is the future folks.

#124 Shiranui



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Posted Today, 05:02

Ditched Scientific Linux for CERN Centos 7.