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The Elder Scrolls Online

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Posted 21 July 2014 - 01:58

Because they weren't essential to the game and every month the game is being developed without sales and subscriptions costs millions. 6 months later without a release would have meant cancel or studio bankruptcy, just not economically feasable. Not MMO can launch feature complete. Heck with modern graphics no MMO is rivaling the functionality of EQ2, SWG or Vanguard. EQ2 probably the only MMO ever to have interesting and engaging crafting, and Vanguard the only one to have politics, and SWG the only one ever to have classes(though it was technically class less) that was completely combat less, like dancer and musicians.

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Posted 21 July 2014 - 17:18

The game looks and feels great to play.  The engine runs smoothly and the UI is really nice compared to Skyrim.  I really appreciate being able to turn the UI scaling all the way up to children's story book levels (especially after playing some old skool Morrowind this weekend).


Seems like a great foundation for a good game.  If they can keep paying the developers on it, and keep listening to player feedback (which it seems like they are at least attempting to do), then it has some potential I think.  The fact that they are moving forward on a console release and have a schedule for release on console (although delayed) tells me that they won't be tossing in the towel anytime soon.

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Posted Today, 16:56

This game is OK.  I'm getting more "hooked" on it, and getting "lost" in the world.  I do like that there are lots of small things to do just off the path that are not obvious.  The crafting system is also very engaging, and I still have not mastered it.


I'm having a lot of difficulty with keeping my Sorcerer alive in some areas.  My buddy who has been playing a Templar has had no issues w/s/e.  I'm fine with the challenge (as WoW has none when it comes to leveling), but I suspect there are some class balance issues.  Then again, it could just be the way I'm spec'd.


What bothers me the most about the game right now is how terrible the vast majority of NPCs look.  Almost all of the female NPCs look like surprised drag queens.  I'm glad that they are addressing this in the next patch.  The "artist" who thought that these NPCs models looked good needs to fired and needs to go into another line of work or something.  The mangers and producers who reviewed that "artist's" work and approved it should probably be fired as well.


There was one quest line early on in the game where you catch-up to an NPC at various parts in the quest progression.  Every time you go to the NPC in a new spot, she is wearing something completely different.  Lol.  Really?  That makes no sense.  Let me see if I can find the quest line.