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Best 2.1 speaker system for up to £40?

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#1 +Elliot B.

Elliot B.

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Posted 13 January 2014 - 14:02

I think the Creative Inspire T3300 is my best bet (5.5w per speaker, 16w subwoofer).
Before I go and order, I thought it was best I checked here first :)

#2 philcruicks


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Posted 17 January 2014 - 23:29

Logitech also make decent speakers, but I'd probs stick with the creatives.


#3 Phouchg


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Posted 18 January 2014 - 00:31

Two yoghurt cans connected with a string of yarn and a plastic bowl you bop with your bare feet (doubles as a footrest in "off" mode) will handle it just as good as any Logitech these days. Just mind the date on the yoghurt, it's tricky stuff.

Try Microlab FC360 instead.

#4 Andre S.

Andre S.


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Posted 18 January 2014 - 15:10

Judging speakers by wattage is like judging singers by loudness. There's somewhat of a correlation, and that's about it. Much more important is the shape of the frequency response (i.e. how flat is it?). If you can't find a review discussing that criteria, then that might mean that these speakers aren't even worth discussing from a sound quality perspective.


Just general advice, I haven't looked at either model.