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Which ones?

I don't personally care for Chrome (IE11 and Ff are my main drivers) but here is a good list by Ed Bott. All of them seem to be valid problems.


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Amen. The Windows 8 apologists defending turning the PC into a closed-platform do more to drive me away from Windows than any campaign from Apple or Google could ever hope to.


How is the PC a closed platform under Windows 8? I can run anything I want on my stationary PC and laptop.


RT is a different story, but that's no different from iOS. And I know of at least one person who would benefit from a closed platform. Had 2000 instances of malware on her system when I cleaned it up and then got scammed 3 days later. She really should have a Surface RT. Or a Chromebook. Anything that can limit the amount of trouble she can get into.

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