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Music software?

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#1 Scraggles



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Posted 15 January 2014 - 22:22

I've been using winamp, but I'm looking for an alternate music player. Something modern, winamp has looked and functioned the same for... 13 or so years.


I know theres itunes, but what other good options are there? I don't use any apple products and last time I used Itunes it was pretty sluggish and that is why I stopped using it.

#2 exotoxic


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Posted 15 January 2014 - 22:28



I have been using it for quite awhile.

#3 LaP


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Posted 15 January 2014 - 22:33


#4 Kami-


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Posted 16 January 2014 - 12:38



Make it look how you like; simple & clean or over-convoluted.

#5 cork1958



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Posted 16 January 2014 - 13:01


#6 Luc2k


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Posted 16 January 2014 - 13:10

Another vote for AIMP. Has replaced Winamp a while ago for me.


Speaking of music software, is there one that has Shazam-like functionality working directly with the music file?

#7 Active.


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Posted 16 January 2014 - 13:36

last time I used Itunes it was pretty sluggish and that is why I stopped using it.

Personally, if you're looking for a library-based music management solution, I would give iTunes (11) another shot. I'd say It has been somewhat improved in that respect.


Alternatively, what about JRiver Media Center?

#8 DaveGreen93



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Posted 16 January 2014 - 14:10

I'm still using Zune. Does everything I need. Almost.

#9 Jub Fequois

Jub Fequois


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Posted 16 January 2014 - 14:29

I came here to recommend Reaper but you're clearly only interested in playback, but for the purposes of this thread, here's a second vote for Foobar2000!

#10 Skiver


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Posted 16 January 2014 - 15:11

Personally, don't fix what isn't broken! It does what I need it to do, I don't care how it looks so Winamp will stay!

#11 Trap



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Posted 20 January 2014 - 07:34

Foobar2000 or MediaMonkey





WinAmp - This is the best for me though...

#12 The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

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Posted 20 January 2014 - 07:59

I personally use Foobar2000 for FLAC audio and Windows Media Player for compressed audio. I use iTunes only for purchasing music; no playback or management.

#13 vetGeoffrey B.

Geoffrey B.


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Posted 29 January 2014 - 18:39

for the most part over the years i have tried dozens if not more different music applications and never really been happy with any of them. I ended up sticking with Windows Media player for the most part however, for the last few years i just upload all my music to google music and then either use the app on my phone or i just go to the website on a computer to listen to the music.


as far as an offline solution goes the best one i had used for over the years ended up being Songbird however, it was discontinued last year. They recommended Nightingale for a replacement as it was based on the original songbird code.


personally thought right now i am sticking with google music.