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Feeling a little bit adventorous with my Surface RT...

surface embedded rt compact

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Posted 19 January 2014 - 12:49

First off, if a moderaator thinks this is wrong subforum for my post, feel free to move it to appropriate section. Secondly, excuse my not so well English.

The main probleem is, I find the full blown Windows RT quite harsh on the Surface's Tegra 3. I do know programming and quite a bit about hacking and such, tho the Embedded world is mostly unknown for me.

What I found out is that Windows Embedded Compact can run on ARM devices, therefore theoretically if correct drivers are provided it should run on Surface RT, right? But I do find quite a few problems with the execution of my idea, the main being- how the heck I get my Surface to boot Windows Embedded Compact 2013?

If anyone has any clues or references that could help me towards my probleem that would be greatly appreciated :)

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Posted 14 February 2014 - 02:53

how the heck I get my Surface to boot Windows Embedded Compact 2013?


Short Answer:

You can't. 


Long Answer:

You can't because Windows RT is tied to the device, UEFI and secure boot/NX bit is on, and Microsoft would never allow you to do that. Plus each copy of Windows RT is tied directly to the device type and serial number. For example, Surface RT's copy of Windows is different from Surface 2's copy of Windows which is different from Lumia 2520's copy of Windows.