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Microsoft rechristens 'SkyDrive' as 'OneDrive'

microsoft skydrive onedrive

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#1 grayscale



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Posted 27 January 2014 - 14:04


Microsoft just announce the awaited replacement name for SkyDrive, its cloud storage service.


As first spotted by Rod Trent at Windows ITPro, the new name is "OneDrive." Microsoft is confirming the new name in a January 27 blog post.

OneDrive.com, a preview site, notes that "OneDrive is coming soon."

"Get ready for an even better place to store and share your favorite things across all your favorite devices," reads the text on the site. "OneDrive is everything you love about SkyDrive and More and it's coming soon."

There's an email sign-up for notification about OneDrive. A pointer to a new "OneDrive blog" sends readers to a blog populated with articles about SkyDrive.

Microsoft announced last July it would be rebranding SkyDrive, its cloud storage service, following its loss of a trademark battle with British Sky Broadcasting Group over the "Sky" name.

The new name for SkyDrive Pro, by the way, is OneDrive for Business, per Microsoft's blog post.

This isn't the first time Microsoft is being required to change one of its brands because of a naming dispute.



Source: ZDNet

#2 Roger H.

Roger H.

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Posted 27 January 2014 - 14:06

I like the OneDrive name, makes it seem like "it's the 'OneDrive' you'll need for the cloud!" or some silly catch phrase like that :p

#3 vcfan


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Posted 27 January 2014 - 14:09

sounds good to me. loving the one moniker.

#4 Sadelwo



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Posted 27 January 2014 - 14:09

OneDrive ties in with the whole Windows everywhere (PC, Phone, Tablet, Xbox) theme. But "One Drive Pro" is easier than "One Drive for Business". 

#5 BajiRav


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Posted 27 January 2014 - 14:12

Nice name. I just hope we don't get Windows One and Office One next year. :/

#6 riahc3


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Posted 27 January 2014 - 14:14



I would sign up to know when its here but "I agree to receive promotional emails from Microsoft. You can opt out at any time. Learn how we use your information here."


Sorry but I dont agree.


And the name? Stupid. Pointless. Idiotic.


Unless it has in the future some meaning (like I hope Xbox One does, another stupid name),  its stupid.


(I think "Xbox One" is a bit better for the "future" it wants to set but for now, its also stupid).

#7 vetGeoffrey B.

Geoffrey B.


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Posted 27 January 2014 - 14:14

I was just reading about this and it make since as they are pushing OneNote much more than they used to and for the most part a lot of the content hosted on SkyDrive was one note related to begin with. so its a nice fit.


I cannot imagine how many assets would have to be changed on both the web and all the apps in order to just change the name. it just seams like a huge undertaking.


i wonder how they will push those changes out for Windows Phone being as it is entirely integrated. Perhaps they will just do it as part of the Windows Phone 8.1 update.

#8 +DConnell


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Posted 27 January 2014 - 14:15

Onedrive to rule them all!