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I switched to Google Chrome... thanks to Chromecast :/

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Posted 07 February 2014 - 06:13



Have you every felt manipulated or realized that you did fall for one of the most common tricks in the book but still it did not bother you much? I recently bought Chromecast from Best Buy, had it setup and before you know it... I am in love with this nifty technology.


Compared to Xbox, PS3 media servers, Apple TV, etc... Google Chromecast was just much easier to obtain and get started with a TV that is HD compatible.


As you already know by now... Firefox does not yet support Google Chromecast. So, clearly I had no other choice but to use Google Chrome on my desktop to make the most out of Google Chromecast.


One little problem though... after a while I just got tired of switching back and forth between Google Chrome and Firefox. Then I quickly realized that I really don't have much crazy requirement in FF... or it really doesn't offer anything unique. All the extensions I use on FF are also available on Chrome... but I kept using FF due to habit. However, Google Chromecast easily pushed me towards the other side because of its unique support for chromecast.


Did anything similar happen to you? At work I still use IE or FF due to limitations but at home I am a full time Google Chrome user now. It was a clever move by Google but I wonder if it will actually change the web browser's market share in the upcoming months.