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Office 2013 standalone version issues

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#1 chrisj1968


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Posted 14 February 2014 - 17:03

I'm not using Office 365 but the actual Office 2013 which I acquired through the free upgrade path offered by MS some time ago.


A strange issue has happened twice now, but always resolved but it was quite disturbing as I've been using Office 2013 since it was released.


Issue in detail: I tried to open up outlook 2013 to check my emails which I get a lot of. But upon open it, I get a message on screen stating office can't be opened then a dialog box opens asking if I want to fix the issue(s) from local files without internet connection -or- repair it from the internet. My best guess was to allow it to fix from the internet unless there were missing or damaged files that could be ultimately culled back from the internet repair. It all.. I could say it took 10-15 minutes to repair and it runs fine now. It even made me resign in to my account which was odd.


possibilities: My system did have an update on the recent Tuesday patch release or update.. whatever you call it but I think it "might" have been possible due to the update.. but no conclusive evidences to this. (I'm shooting from the hip on this one)


conclusion: I enjoy office 2013 and it is pretty snappy in terms of fast opening and ease of use, I'm just a bit dismayed at this because it seemed to be a REALLY big issue in it took a long time to get fixed, although it got fixed very quickly. I am glad however, this feature exists and it works quite well.


Has anyone else experienced this issue as well?


Added: system stats: Toshiba P775D-S7144 running Windows 8.1.


I did have a recent update that was implemented on the system either this week or before. matter of fact last night there was another update done on machine before I went to bed.



#2 OP chrisj1968


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Posted 20 February 2014 - 16:22

Wow, it did it again. 2013 has some serious issues. as I write this, the darn thing is repairing my outlook. outlook gets corrupted alot. this is the second time in less than a month. 


I'm going back to office 2010 if this continues.

#3 Arkos Reed

Arkos Reed

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Posted 22 February 2014 - 23:39

looks like a corrupted registry or mail profile


backup your outlook PSTs and settings (they should be safe in your documents folder anyway), remove your mail profile from the mail control panel applet

relaunch outlook, re-setup your accounts, reimport your PSTs and see if it happens again


If it happens again, in addition to the previous steps : uninstall any office (or associated) components, clean out the HKLM and HKCU Software/Microsoft/Office registry hives, reboot and then reinstall/reconfigure office and outlook


If it ####s up again, you may have a hardware or driver issue (chipset driver, or bad ram)

#4 shozilla


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Posted 22 February 2014 - 23:53

I have no problems with mine..  


Arkos might be right about that.. Check them and see if they are solved.

#5 Xerxes


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Posted 23 February 2014 - 00:07

Yeah, I noticed this with Office 2013 too. For ages one of the Office 2013 programs (usually Outlook) would become unusable every second day and would have to do a repair install to get it up and running again. It was really annoying but since then it came good, so not sure what might of caused it? since Office 2013 auto updates maybe was a bad or corrupted update? not sure what else it might be. Sorry cannot be much more help :/