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How Americans Hate Each Other

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Posted 23 April 2014 - 18:48

I find it so odd when people talk about racism, not one have I ever noticed someone because of their colour... Actually I take that back, my mom told me when i was 3, I seen a black couple for the first time and was speaking in shock "MOM MOM look at those BLUE people! Look mom they are BLUE! This happened in a crowded grocery store.

When I was three I always mixed up Black and blue. :)

She still says she was horrifyingly embarrassed even though it was 36 years ago.



I grew up in the South (US) in a town with very few hispanics at the time. Once, when I went to the New England area, I saw so many there for the first time in my life. They looked like Asian Indians, but I could tell they werent from there. I think I embarrassed my parents as well, but I dont recall what I said. I think I was 7-8 years old at the time. 


One of my cousins visited me when I was about 19, and was surprised to see whites working in landscaping in my home town. He was so used to the Hispanics. 

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Posted 23 April 2014 - 18:59

I don't understand why they removed hispanic and then put it underneath as a separate chart. Is it implying Hispanic is very low or that the "other" is all the rest and Hispanic is 59.4%? is Black hate crime 66% of the 40.6% remaining from the Hispanic chart?


Also, there is a massive discrepancy when it comes to reporting white hate crime (hate crime against white people). As in, it's almost considered racist to be white and say someone else is being racist against you. I even feel like it'd be considered racist to point out it's considerably racist to point out racism against white people; passed that it just gets ridiculous.


In my experience, which is most certainly biased as I am white, I see far more racism towards white people than any other race. I do see a lot of racism towards black people though.


This thread has potential to get pretty heated. So I'll say I mean no offense by anything I said, and if you took offense you need to calm yourselves.

Hispanic is usually broken out due to the US government not recognizing Hispanic as a race. It is a National Origin. As a result, they will cross over into other race categories...


Race is an issue that needs to be properly discussed and addressed in our country. I see far too much racism in general and that is a major shame at this age.


Of course, we'll see more racism directed towards us if we belong to a specific race. So it is very hard for us to objectively view the issue. This is why an honest discussion is so important.


It is pretty true though.  Somehow when a black commits a crime against a white it isn't a hate crime yet the opposite is classified as such damn near 100% of the time.  There is TONS of racism against whites, just the minorities are too busy worrying about their own selfish needs than address the issue of racism as a whole.

Every crime involving a White Person isn't branded a hate crime. Despite what Internet comments would like to make you believe...