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Anyone vape? Just started. Was so easy to quit smoking!

vaping smoking cigarettes

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Posted 22 September 2014 - 11:51

I'm considering doing this as well, next time I get paid and see where I'm at after bills >_<

If you're a pack a day smoker (in the US) you can set aside the money for about 2 weeks worth of cigs and get you a nice kit.

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Posted 22 September 2014 - 12:06

No, its not the same thing as swallowing pills, or injecting yourself with hardcore drugs.


It anything, its the same as having a morning coffee, or an extra scoop of sugar in your cereal. All stimulants.


Maybe they don't need to quit? if its not harming their health (avoid the sensationalist "news" articles, that have no real proof either way).

If they can get the drug of choice (we all have ours) without killing themselves, why not? Why be so negative about it? Should be happy any someone reduces the negative health risks on themselves and others.


Personally, i don't see why you're so passionate about what other people do with their own bodies.


Stop trying to make people feel bad about themselves, and go live your own life.

Of course its harming them. Thats why they addicted, becuase they cant live without it. Too much of anything is harmful.

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Posted 22 September 2014 - 16:08

Of course its harming them. Thats why they addicted, becuase they cant live without it. Too much of anything is harmful.

Addicted != Harming.


The addiction from nicotine is simply your brain getting used to on average a higher dopamine level. When you don't smoke and your level of dopamine decreases (your feel good, happy chemical) then your brain looks for anything to get this back. If you smoke, you get it from cigarettes, that's what it craves. Hence the period of switching over from cigarettes. Nicotine does have side effects, but also positive effects (read studies on nicotine concentration levels). It wasn't the nicotine that was harmful, it was the cigarette, like everyone has said here.


In this delivery method of nicotine, caffeine is way more harmful for example.