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Ahead of E3, Take-Two extends its "Agent" trademark

Take-Two granted an extension on the trademark for its long-dormant Cold War-era console game from Rockstar.

by Eddie Makuch on

May 23, 2014



Just three weeks out from E3 2014, Take-Two this week was granted an extension on a pair of trademarks it holds for the long-dormant video game Agent. United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) documents show that Take-Two filed for an an extension on both trademarks on May 21 and was granted approval that same day.


Does this mean an official announcement is coming soon? Not necessarily. After all, Take-Two renewed its Agent trademarks last summer, and we haven't heard a peep about the game since. There's no reason to believe Take-Two extending the trademarks would be any different. However, Take-Two extending its ownership of the Agent name at least shows that the company is interested in hanging onto Agent for some reason to be announced later.


"We don

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And now it's a Wii U exclusive!!!!!1111

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