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Best free web development IDE

javascript html 5 css3

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Posted 15 July 2014 - 12:14

The OP said he's spending a lot of time doing web development.. It would be stupid to recommend something like Atom to someone who is doing a lot of web dev.. i test it regularly and it's slow, crashes and it's still clunky... it's improving every week but it's not ready for real world use. SL2 on the other hand can be evaluated for a 'reasonable amount of time' i.e. long enough to fall in love with it making you actually want to pay for it.

That's why I mentioned it's in alpha and suggested a stable IDE as well? I don't think now is a good time to buy Sublime Text unless you're fine with using the current version forever. There's a great possibility that Sublime Text 3 never gets released or that Atom passes it in functionality next year. The last blog post/beta build was in December of 2013 and the one before that in June. Atom could be great pretty soon, like you said, it's improving every week. He should keep an eye on it, the latest build that updated a few days ago doesn't crash nearly as much as the one before.