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Blizzard Heroes of the Storm, Technical Alpha

heroes of the storm blizzard entertainment pc moba alpha

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#16 OP HawkMan


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Posted 12 July 2014 - 01:01

I hope this is better than that Hearthstone thing they put out a while back.
Is WoW finally on the decline? I thought they would have a new (real) game out by now.

Doesn't really compare to hearthstone. Which in itself is a pretty awesome card game, but ... Not my thing really.

This is fun though. If you're the type who needs a game to rotate levels so you never play the same level twice in 6ours of gaming though.. It's not for you. Though it has some variety but they're all the same basic formula but with different level mechanics, some of them require more teamwork than others, so some levels a few good players on an average team can pull through, others three good players teamed with 2 crap ones will be rolled by a team of mediocre players who work together.

Problem is a lot of people ignore the merc camps, and getting the merc camps is probably the most important key to success, they are more powerful than people think, especially if they are followed afterwards by a support player. And then you have all the idiots who chase the other players instead of going for the objectives.

#17 TDT


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Posted 12 July 2014 - 01:09

I tried all these MOBA games, except this one from Blizzard, but I can say one thing: I still favor the original DotA. I hate DotA 2, too cartoon-ish, too many effects that distract you from the battle, and the others, like LoL, I don't even want to remember. This type of game is best played when it's simple, without eye-candy & stuff, that's why the original DotA had so much success. Blizzard, look at Counter Strike and learn. After all these years, CS 1.6 is still played a LOT, if not most.

#18 elenarie


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Posted 17 July 2014 - 01:15

They REALLY need to sort of the attack range of the ranged heroes. Being 5 meters away doesn't really make you a ranged hero if youre squishy as a bug.

#19 OP HawkMan


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Posted 17 July 2014 - 11:16

Some range heroes have more range than others, and the range seems fine as it is, I have no problem sniping brawlers and kiting them, any more range and I'd be invincible. The warriors need to be able to resist or grab. As it is they get me either because I'm careless or they're backed up. By ranged. Or the rather deadly Diablo and stitch combo, slap in a ranged or aoe sword spinner in that group and they'll take down anyone.