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DirecTV equipment somehow eating 70Gb per day.

homefusion verizon directv overage

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#1 conna



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Posted 12 July 2014 - 06:50

What is Verizon HomeFusion?


Friend of mine has DirecTV.  One HD DVR Model HR44 and two wireless Genies. He says he does not do any "on demand" or anything requiring the internet connection. About a month ago before the switch to Verizon internet, I tried to run the network setup on the HR44 and it would not connect to the internet. It made sense to me because it did not have any ethernet connection. Only a Coax in. I gave it a try because I have read about IP over coax cable using something called DECA or the possibility of a wireless connection. It would not connect to the internet even when using static ip settings. I ran out of time and gave up.


Apparently two DirecTV techs came out at different times and tried to connect the HR44 to the internet. Only the second one seemed to know what was going on. It may or may not have been connect to the internet at this time. 


Friend was on DSL and switched to Verizon HomeFusion Broadband with a 10Gig cap per month.

In the first week went 70 gigabytes over cap. Told him to disconnect the internet and see what was affected on the DVR or his DirecTV experience and nothing changed. If he disconnect the Genies the data does not spike. Each Genie is in default settings without running the network setup. They should not be on his wireless network.  

The amount of coax cables in the house is mind blowing and is a mess. The Verizon antenna on his roof connects to the broadband router via coax cable. The DirecTV dish connect to the HR44 via coax. 


I want to know how the HR44 transmits the HD video signals to the Genies? Is it using WIFI proprietary signaling?



I would like to know if it is possible if somehow the Verizon cantenna (yes it is called a cantenna) was somehow providing internet to the DirecTV devices before it was going through the router?  It could be possible that the coax ties together but I do not know if that is the case. 


As for the devices that actually use the wifi from the verizon HF router, they have been looked at for data issues, virus, spyware, and the usual malware that could cause this. I have logged the traffic from his two windows computers. nothing out of the ordinary. Just a Windows Home Server and a Windows 7 desktop.  A macbookpro that is hardly used was not the data hog. There were two cell phones that connected to the wifi. (cell phone connected to a wifi that is provided by LTE service go figure). Turned the wifi access off even though that would still use the data on the plan being Verizon cell phones...


I am stumped. My next step is to install a second wireless router or WAP and NOT connect it to the internet. only use that wifi for setting up the direcTV devices hopefully stopping them from communicating with the internet. Give them a gateway IP address that is not there. I even plan to use a defunct IP for the DNS to kill it there. 


In my googling I have come across many other people that have the same problem. Crazy data usage from DirecTV devices. From shows that redownload over and over. Bad firmware. Normal usage. Aliens. Guide downloads, Previews, and other random things smart people can prove but DirecTV won't acknowledge.

Verizon blames DirecTV. DirecTV sales say it is the user... Round and round it goes.



The overage bill from Verizon now is $1400





#2 Anibal P

Anibal P


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Posted 12 July 2014 - 14:24

Your buddy needs to stop torrenting pron, all the DTV boxes do are get channel guide updates if he's really not doing any On Demand stuff



I don't see any other way he went over his BS cap other than torrents or downloads, I could be wrong, 

#3 OP conna



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Posted 04 August 2014 - 01:55

It was in the end his DirecTV gear. Once removed, Network activity was normal. 

#4 vcfan


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Posted 04 August 2014 - 02:19

create access point on PC. connect IRD to said access point. windump or wireshark the traffic.